An Intro to the World of Maxwell Floyd (Part 4 – Future of the Series)

Future of the Series:

A Cold Blooded Rain: Book 1 from the files of Maxwell Floyd, Private Eye, is only the jumping off point into a series of many more books. Each will introduce a new case, new characters and places, with ongoing story arcs woven in along the way. With my background in graphic design, I’ve enjoyed producing concept art and other visuals, many of which you can see HERE, to give my readers an idea of my vision.

At Book 1’s release, books 2 & 3 are already written in rough draft form, and I have outlines and notes for many more (9 at the time of this post). It’s been a long journey, but has been worth every moment of it. I hope you find what I’ve created intriguing and immersive, and that you’ll come to love the world and the many characters in it as I have.

This concludes the Intro to the World of Maxwell Floyd posts. I hope you have enjoyed it. Thanks SO much for reading!


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