AUTHOR’S WARNING: The following supplemental information may contain spoilers. Viewing this information may also distort the reader’s own perception of characters, places, and technology contained in the books, which is not my intent. This information was conceived, created and designed by myself, and is how I envision it in my mind. I do not want to force my own conceptions on my readers, so I recommend that you read the books first so that you can imagine these things first for yourself. If you already have, or simply don’t care, enjoy! —T.R.Leton

Maps, floor plans and elevations of different locations. More coming soon.

Sam’s Fifth Street Bar
Maxwell Floyd’s Apartment
Molly Mitchell’s Apartment
East Village, NYC
Redford Park, Chelsea, NYC
Bergtraum Tower, NYC
Maxwell Floyd’s Office, NYC (Book 2)
The Krivkas’ Apartment, NYC (Book 2)
Williams Park, Woodbridge, NJ (Book 2)
St. Casimir Lithuanian Catholic Church, NYC (Book 2)
Adrius Dargis’ Office, Location Unknown (Book 2)
Claire Hemsley’s Headstone, Fairview, NJ (One Week Later, Short Story)

Vehicle and equipment art and schematics. More coming soon.

NYPD Oversight Drone
NYPD Air Patrol Interceptor
NYPD Transport Flyer
Heavy Transport Flyer/ESU Tactical Flyer
BTG Stun Rifle
Hypersonic Sub-Orbital Shuttle (Book 2)
Regional Air Shuttle (Book 2)
Air Taxi (Book 2)
Compact Cargo Air Van (Book 2)
Wolfram Orbital Array (Book 2)
Turin Brougham Limousine (One Week Later, Short Story)

Personal profiles and other information. More coming soon.

Maxwell Floyd
Sam Duggin
Molly Mitchell
Lila Howard
Calvin Bowie
Hannah Floyd
Claire Hemsley Autopsy Report

Parts of the story cut from the final draft. More coming soon.

Book 1: Max & Hannah’s Love Story