Updates, Updates, Updates!

Been busy here at the ‘ol word factory! Got several things to mention. As you may be aware, the audiobook versions of both Book 1 and Book 2 are NOW available on Amazon, Audible, and […] Read More

When Wolves Come Calling Audiobook NOW AVAILABLE!

Fresh off the heels of the audiobook version of Book 1, Book 2 has joined the family! Yep, When Wolves Come Calling is now available in audiobook format. Lee Strayer of brings his amazing […] Read More

A Cold Blooded Rain Audiobook NOW AVAILABLE!

Don’t have time to read? Well, LISTEN up! A Cold Blooded Rain: Book 1 From the Files of Maxwell Floyd is NOW AVAILABLE in audiobook format! It’s a bit overdue, I admit, but it was […] Read More