Book 1: A Cold Blooded Rain
Book 2: When Wolves Come Calling
Book 3: Coming 2021

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COVERA Cold Blooded Rain
Book 1 from the Files of Maxwell Floyd
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Editorial Review: “A fresh and engaging take on the familiar hard-boiled detective novel.” — Kirkus Reviews (read the full review)

Former Homicide Detective Maxwell Floyd has hit rock bottom. Broken. Bleeding. A New York minute changed his life forever—his marriage, career, and sobriety lost in the aftermath. He thought he could still make a difference as a private eye, but was dead wrong. He copes with his ongoing failures in love and life the only way he knows—with a bottle. But all the alcohol in the world can’t keep the ghosts of his past from haunting him.

Enter Mr. Fletcher, a secret envoy from the Police Commissioner’s office. He offers Max an opportunity to make things right and hires him to solve the recent and brutal murder of a famous young socialite. The catch: Max will need to use his own resources while staying out of the NYPD’s way. Max is wary but jumps at the chance, desperate for redemption.

The investigation becomes a race to stay one step ahead of the detectives assigned to the case. But while clues are scarce, personal problems abound, forcing Max to contend with his most dangerous enemy. It doesn’t help that Mr. Fletcher hasn’t told him everything. With so many distractions, Max struggles to unravel the mystery, himself becoming the target of the vicious killer. READ CHAPTERS 1-4 HERE.


When Wolves Come Calling
Book 2 from the Files of Maxwell Floyd
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Fresh off solving the biggest case of his career, Private Eye Maxwell Floyd’s life has completely changed. Old habits have died hard.

Late one night, the beautiful Helena Krivka shows up at Max’s office, distraught over the disappearance of her husband. Lukas Krivka is a Senior Developer for a multi-trillion dollar software company, and it seems he’s gotten involved with the wrong people. Worried the man’s wife is in danger as a result, Max takes the case.

Clues to Lukas’ fate lead Max into a dangerous game of intrigue with the Lithuanian mob and a deadly Russian assassin. Only when he uncovers the truth behind Lukas’ disappearance does Max realize he’s in a desperate race to not only save the missing man, but to save millions of lives. He’ll need all the help he can get, even if it comes at a terrible price. READ AN EXCERPT HERE.

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